Writing Technical Documentation


Attractive Documentation

Very attractive smile (The Mona Lisa)

Modern documentation uses epistemology –the study of how people learn– to present material effectively.

Hardcopy documentation

Modern hardcopy documents, such a books or manuals, do not cram each page with tightly-packed, small print.

For example, hardcopy documentation makes use of non-printed areas, known as white space. White space, such as the indentation at the left of this section, reduces reader intimidation and relieves fatigue.

Softcopy documentation

Softcopy documents, such as an online help or web site, contain brief topics. Softcopy documents often use colour to improve interest and may contain animation for meaningful demonstration purposes.

The topic should be covered in a maximum of two screens. If required, a topic may contain popups for quick explanations and hyperlinks to related material.

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