Computer Based Training (CBT)


Online Learning Courses


We produce complete computer based training (CBT) courses in Adobe Captivate.

We can convert any of your existing MS-PowerPoint presentation into interactive Portable Document Format (PDF), or integrate it into a Captivate project for cross-platform, wide scale distribution.

Adobe Captivate and Adobe RoboHelp Online Help and Tutorials

We use Adobe Captivate for software training.

We use Adobe RoboHelp for online help projects.

We combine Captivate and RoboHelp to create interactive tutorials and demonstrations that improve the learning experience.

You can run all our online help or courseware on standalone systems, such as PCs or laptops, or over the Internet / Intranet to provide world-wide support.

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Training Course Syllabus

The complete courseware training package is the syllabus.

The syllabus contains three elements:

Terminal Objective

Every course has one Terminal Objective. The Terminal Objective is the purpose of the training.

Simply expressed, a Terminal Objective completes the statement: After completing the course, the attendee will be able to… .

Enabling Objectives

Enabling Objectives are the tasks needed to fulfill the Terminal Objective.

Typically, Enabling Objecties are individual lessons or modules.

Often an Enabline Objective module may be replicated to provide economic development for several courses.

Teaching Points

Teaching Points are individual steps needed to complete an Enabling Objective.

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The Instructional Design Module

A typical eLearning project has five phases:

Each of the first four phases aims to achieve the Terminal Objective.

The Evaluation Phase monitors how successfully the Terminal Objective was met and is used to refine the content, design and implementation of future courses.


If you'd like to see an example of how we use Adobe Captivate during the Evaluation Phase, try our Just for Fun Technical Writer's Quizzes, below.

Adobe Captivate Quizzes

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